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Iasa provides the world's only vendor-independent and professionally-led certifications in IT architecture.

Iasa Core Certificate is a four-day course that introduces you to the so-called 'Five Pillars of Architecture'.

How you will benefit

Completing the four-day course and earning the Iasa Core Certification:

  • Provides recognition of your knowledge in IT Architecture
  • Provides the only certification that leads to a structured process for gaining the skills you need as a practising architect
  • Introduces you to the five foundation supporting skills in architecture, the so-called 'Five Pillars of Architecture'
  • Equips you with the appropriate knowledge and tools needed to lay the foundation for more efficient and sustainable systems
  • Communicates to employers and clients that you are taking the steps necessary to move forward in your profession.

The seven modules of the Iasa Core Certification provide a high-level overview of the skills that the worldwide community have found to be essential to every practising IT architect.

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